Termo Launches New Brand ID / Industry & Partner Communication Initiative

August 3, 2011

Long Beach, California -

In a process that began in November 2010, and for the first time, Termo has adapted a new Brand Identity to capture the spirit and values that make the company unique. Working with BrandExtract of Houston, staff at Termo undertook to research and capture the history, values, contributions, and culture of the company. Team members answered questions, partners were interviewed, and opinions solicited. In the end, several key themes emerged: Trustworthiness, Fiscal Responsibility, Relationships, Integrity – all bound up in the history and longevity of the company. The new logo captures this spirit in its modern form, but with a font that harkens back to the 1930’s when the company was founded. The tagline recognizes that the company could not exist without its partnerships, but at the same time will continue to chart its own course: Independently Focused. Partnered in Discovery.

Of course, a logo is not a brand, and a company that cannot live up to its brand promise will do itself more harm than good in the end so as part of the brand initiative, Termo staff are engaged in ensuring that all projects, communication, and efforts live up to the company’s promise to our stakeholders: At The Termo Company, we draw on our nearly 80 years of experience to explore for profitable oil and gas investments opportunities, to make decisions that will benefit our shareholders and partners alike, and that reflect our commitment to integrity, operational excellence and fiscal responsibility.

Along with the Brand ID, Termo is engaged in a new Partner Communication Initiative. Working with visualade of Long Beach, the company has unveiled a rebuilt website that focuses on communicating project information, company news, prospects and opportunities, and other company initiatives. By providing partners with additional ways to follow and track the company through news, Twitter, and LinkedIn Termo will keep its stakeholders engaged and increase the contribution that all parties can make to creating additional value and return.

The Termo Company’s 2011 Annual Meeting

July 28, 2011

Long Beach, California -

Attended by about half of the company’s forty-eight shareholders, Termo’s 2011 Annual Meeting was held in Long Beach on Thursday, July 28th. Discussion topics included the company’s strong financial performance in 2010, recent acquisitions, new prospects and opportunities, a refined strategic focus centered on well optimization, near-term industry outlook and demand, environmental and safety performance, and highlights of its initiated marketing and branding campaign.

Paul Buika, Termo’s Geology Manager, reviewed new prospects and opportunities being developed or participated in by Termo that spanned seven states. Several of the Texas and Louisiana prospects are in the pre-spud phase of development.

Francis Roth discussed the company’s financial performance. Of particular interest was the declining dry hole rate experienced by Termo since its peak in 2007. He also announced a revised 2011 CapEx budget that has been increased by several million dollars for the remainder of the year.

David Combs reviewed the current state of the industry, focusing on the continuing cost burden on smaller companies as a result of competition for resources and services and an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Founded in 1933 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, The Termo Company is a privately-owned fourth generation Independent Oil and Gas Company engaged in the Exploration, Development, and Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas with field operations in three states and working interest and royalty investments in a dozen more. More information may be found at Termoco.com.

Initiative to optimize production starts to bear…oil

July 15, 2011

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana -

In an ongoing effort to reduce its idle well inventory and optimize production from existing fields, Termo Team members in Louisiana and Long Beach identified and brought online two wells in recent weeks. The Rycade #4 benefited from a switch to an ESP and the Fleming #7D, which had been idle, was pulled and cleaned out. This work has brought an incremental increase in production of 100 BOPD from this field and added approximately 150,000 BO in reserves. The team is currently examining the SML #17 for a work-over and optimization.

Termo adds up to 15 well locations in existing fields in L. A. and Ventura County

July 1, 2011

Santa Paula, California -

Through an ongoing geological review and reinterpretation of data, Termo has identified the potential for up to 15 new well locations in existing and proposed field expansions within the Los Angeles and Ventura Basins. Additional mineral acreage has been secured through leasing and three projects are in the planning and permitting phases. The first wells are expected to spud in late 2011 or early 2012. Depending on the success of the first wells, drilling will continue for two to three years.

Termo Acquires Granite Wash Acreage

June 13, 2011

Long Beach, California -

Termo is excited to announce its entry into this highly prolific and productive area with its acquisition of Newport Oil Company’s 297 net acres in Washita County, Oklahoma. The acreage lies within 25 separate sections and has a net working interest as high as 13%. The purchase included interest in 5 currently producing wells operated by Chesapeake Energy. Some of these wells have had initial production rates as high as 10,000 MCFPD and 1,000 BOPD. Chesapeake has an aggressive drilling plan for this area, so Termo expects to see a great deal of activity within its interest block. While wells are currently being drilled one per section, the general belief within the industry is that the resource will be better produced with multiple wells per section. Termo’s acreage also has multiple target zones within the Granite Wash and Cleveland Sand.