Owner Relations

Listed in the Royalty Owners Information Section below are some common situations that result in either a change of ownership or a change to owner status. Due to laws in various jurisdictions, requirements may differ.

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Attention: Royalty Relations
Or Fax to (562) 426-2730
Email: RoyaltyRelations@termoco.com

For any situations described below, please reference your owner number

Address Change Written request only via email or post
Individual Name Change Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or other document effecting the Name Change
Company or Corporate Name Change Certificate of Merger including Tax ID Number
Appointment to Attorney-in-Fact Copy of Power of Attorney
Ownership Change Due to Sale of Interest Recorded copy of Conveyance (filed of record in county/parish where property is located)
Ownership Due to Divorce Recorded copy of Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement
Trusts/Partnerships Created Trust or Partnership Agreement and, if applicable, recorded conveying the interest into the Trust or Partnership
Trust/Partnerships Terminated Dissolution of Trust or Partnership and, if applicable, recorded document into the beneficiary
Change in Trustee Document reflecting the Successor Appointed Trustee
Estate Proceedings (Testate) Owner dies with a Will (Testate) Death Certificate Last Will & Testament, Letters Testamentary Order Admitting Will to Probate, Evidence debts and taxes have been paid, Final decree of Distribution, A list of the legal names, current addresses and social security numbers of the heirs
Estate Proceedings (Intestate) Owner died without a Will (Intestate), Death Certificate, Letters of Administration, Affidavit of Heirship, Evidence debts and taxes have been paid
Joint Tenancy and One Dies Death Certificate or Joint Tenant
Bankruptcy: Recoded Conveyance Order
Chapter 7 Naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate
Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization Order Confirming Plan Of Recognition
Tax Documents Lost or Not Received Please contact us and include your Owner # and or Tax ID number


All payees are required to provide their social security / tax identification number in order to avoid federal tax withholding.

All change of ownership must be filed of record in the county/parish where the property is located.

Address changes cannot be handled by telephone

Change of Address:

Should include the following:

  • Tax ID/Social Security Number
  • Owner Number
  • Previous Address
  • Current Address
  • Phone Number